Thursday, November 27, 2014

Marantz Model 1060 Integrated Amplifier

Marantz 1060 Commision
I used all Nichicon KG's for the coupling and power caps.6800/10K, I really like the KG's for the coupling caps but I don't think the large 10K cap is frankly anything to write home about, I personally like what I hear from the Panasonic THA in this location. I think its a bottom end thing, though the large KG I think really adds a smoothness…blends well.

The power supply was recapped using Panasonic FR's with the two SB-0102 replaced with singles UF4005's.  This particular board on the 1060 has no adjustments, its a smaller footprint variant used in the 2230.

For the Pre/amp -tone board I based it off the 2230 pre-amp, their damn near identical, using Silmic BP's, Silmics and WIMA caps. I really look the open chassis on these, makes for quick work.

The phono board had a lot of the big fat browns, which have that signature sound we like, the lyrics were replaced with with Silmics and FG's, also matched KSC1845s were replaced.

The Power amp design is a little more different that the 2230, plus the fact is a split PCB design on a single board. Wima and Silmics were used here, I contemplated using the 1N4148 @ H714/3 but I didn't want to experiment on this model, the Bias pulled up stable as can be so.

A new power switch and a safety cap was added, all the micas were replaced with new compound as well.

Overall I have to say what a nice lil integrated, do I prefer the 2230….Yes, I think they sound a quite a bit different to me, the 1060 lacks the room power the 2230 has. But overall I like the open chassis, everything was very easy to get to and work on, no-non-sense design. A very clean and reliable sound, If I had to give a single description i'd haft say "Well-Rounded."


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