Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Altec Lansing 874A Segovia Speakers

Altec Lansing 874A Segovia's

We've got something real special here the last few weeks, a full original pair of Altec Lansing 874A Segovia's!

One thing real neat about the Segovia 874A is the 12" woofer was used exclusively in the Segovia, the magnet is just massive with an impressive extruded type basket design.  They operate in the 4 ohm range and have some decent cabinet weight to them. Inside you should find the original insulation :)

The crossover lo/hi pass networks consists of 4 core inductors, 2 rheostats and 2 6uf, 1 30uf and 1 100uf capacitors. An issue when recapping XO's especially when one uses polypropylenes exclusively is size, The customer opted for Dayton PP's in this case. 100uf caps are bigger than your fist. Although a little fore-thought in spacing like below and you'll see they fit quite nicely. Tie them up with some zips and your good to go. 



Its important to add a new layer of gasket I think, especially if they tack glue the drivers. Check internal soldering connections and restful with some acousa-stuff if desired. Short of wishing these had the originals grills on them, Im having a hard time giving them up and back home, what an impressive set of 3-ways, truly!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 highLight: Yamaha.De A-S1100 Verstärkers highLight: Yamaha.De A-S1100 Verstärkers

I wanted to highlight article on the upcoming Yamaha A-S1100 Single-Ended (SE) Verstärkers.

We've been seeing a fairly big trend with older more etabliert
 manufacturers releasing throw-back styles. Last Week we took a look at the re-release of the proprietary Thorens suspension plattenspielers

Some neat caveats to note is the heavy stock electronically controlled attenuator und the use of a slightly better standard audio grade Nichicon FW lytics employed throughout the device along with the ECW panasonics which in my opinion is a vastly improved polypropylene film. Yamaha went with some custom canned Nippon filters for a total of 72,000 microfarads of smothering :) The absolute symmetric drive stage utilizes a compliment of MOSFET output devices in the singe-ended topography that should delivery that high biased/class A type of operation und a impressive reported 0.07% THD, yamaha had the fore-thought here to employ a discrete balanced MC/MM phono stage as well.

As discussed in one can see dual arranged 5-way plated output posts and robust "Tiffany" styled RCA inputs, same with the MM/MC inputs…impressive when you match it with the Cherry wood panel and piano black options. Available next month over the pond for € 1,699.