Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another 1060 arrived last week, thought I'd show some variations on the 1060 I did before. Last month I posted a more in depth walk through of the 1060 Integrated restoration, if you need additional information or schematics; go to that post.

Fairly similar to the other, Power Supply was replaced with Panasonic FR capacitors and two UF4005 diodes replaced. 

On the Amplifier board I went with Silmic II's, FG's and WIMA's. This time I also dropped in a GEN II matched up .1uf's PP capacitors replacing the original thin brown films at 725/726. I used the Gen II in the same stage in the Marantz 2325 I restored.  I was pretty impressed with the results, as I am again this time. The Main caps were replaced with a Nichicon KG 10000uf and the couplings with THA 6800ufs.

The Pre-Amp board is pretty much the same, I used WIMA's and Silmic II's along with MUSE for the bipolar replacements.  The green films at 401/402 were replaced with matched .22uf Mudorf EVO PP's. The same as the 2230 pre amplifier, IMHO these are excellent for smoothing out details that are too sharp, in fact if your gonna be using the Sonicaps at all, I would recommend these, as the sonicaps by themselves can be a lil bright. 

The Phono's tantalums were replaced WIMA and FG and Silmic II's used throughout. H905/906 were replaced with matched KSC1845 BJT's.

I should add that this particular 1060 is just pristine! I love working on these conditions, the chassis still has a sparkle to it. I also wanted too add a note on the faceplate. The owner decided to go with one of Tony's (TMZ) black faceplate. The finish, and constructed is exactly what I anticipated from his other plates…TOTL :)

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