Sunday, March 1, 2015

Marantz 2226 Receiver

Marantz 2226 Receiver 

This came in for a basic restoration from an AKer, was pretty damn dirty inside and the antenna was broken en route to me sadly so that harness was replaced as well.

Power Supply P800
This is a fairly typical regulated power supply found in the lower 22XX series. All the lyrics here were replaced with high temp, low impedance long life Panasonic FR/FC's. Q804 a common diode SIB0102 was replaced with an ultra fast 4005 variant. The rectifier diodes consisting of Q802 Common Cathode and Q801 Common Anode were replaced with a MUR1620 TO-220 I had on hand and a fabricated common cath.  The Main filter caps used to smooth the rectification stage were replaced with my favorite Panasonic THA's up'ed to 10Kuf which tends to increase the lower dynamic response range.  

PE01 Pre AMP
All the lower capatinence lyrics in the pass stages  were replaced with WIMA MKS2 films and FG and Silmic II's used throughout. This particular PCB uses quite a few of those orange fat originals films. Im a big proponent, like many that these are hard to beat and can make a significant perceived difference in the end product. I tend to keep them.  I like these easy access board, just remove from the front panel and your all set to go. I invert the assembly to properly clean the potentiometers. 

Phono/Control P400
This is another Phono/Combo board with the selector mechanism on board. All the lower value lytics were replaced with a low impedance high reliability Nichicon PW. Silmic's were also used. If you note any noise potentials here I would recommend replacing the 2SC1318's with a NPN 1845 BJT. Don't forget CJ01 which was replaced with a 100uf 16V Panasonic FR. 

AMP P700
This is another symmetric single PCB assembly. I replaced all the lyrics here with nice Nichicon KZ Muse polars, Silmic II's and lower value lyrics with WIMA MKS2 films. I really like these huge robust pots, so if they adjust accurately and after a light cleaning I like to keep them in this case, the shallow circle design tend to get oxidized and drift, Bourns work well in that case.  Differential pairs consisting of a pair of 2SA722 transistors at the input stage. These were replaced with 992Fbu transistor pairs. It is absolutely critical to match Hfe gain in these pairs. 

The AM/FM and tuning cap section all share a same PCB assembly on this particular unit, which makes work fast. A simple recap of this section was all that was needed using primarily Nichicon PW for the standards and Silmics/FGs for the rest of signal path capacitors. Nows a great time to gently...ever so gently and carefully clean and lubricate the spindle/shaft of the tuning capacitor assembly. 

All in all, a nice easy open unit to work on. I really like the crisp clean sound from this lil' unit, the overhaul of the amplifier section really made a difference on this 2226, it is that much cleaner and pronounced. It also has that neat extra brushed aluminum bezel on the front plate you only see on a handful of models.

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