Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sansui 350A Receiver

Sansui 350A Receiver 

Just thought I'de share some photo's of a Sansui 350A receiver.  This unit came in for a good cleaning including switches and potentiometers, also noted some noise issues. Its a little guy rated at 20W/CH output and an impressive 4 gang tuning allotment. 

One thing thats kinda neat is the woodcase, its the older slid in style so it doesn't have a metal case, but it has its own built on pedestal to the case.   I have to say, for a little unit it really sounds nice. I've been running some Melody Gardot and live sessions of the Head and the Heart for a few hours, it has a real nice warmth to it that a lot of older Sansui receivers do, in my opinion. 

I do want to note, the 350A has some reported noise floor issues. The Pre-Amp/tone (F-1248 Assembly) utilizes X4 2SC458 transistors. The 458 is notorious for pre-mature failure and noise issues.  These were swapped out with close HFe set of KSC1845 NPN transistors.

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  1. Noah! I followed your guidance and it worked perfectly on my little 350a! Tks