Friday, February 8, 2019

D.Schuelke's Pioneer HPM 100 / HPM 1500 Crossover Upgrades

Pioneer HPM 100 & HPM 150(1500) Crossover Networks

Considered one of the most popular vintage speakers of the era, the HPM 100’s, the answer to the JBl L100 series is certainly prolific and remains and extremely popular search for modern and analog setups alike. 

Manufactured at the start of 1976 the 4-way design was rated at 100Watt RMS output with a 92.5dB sensitivity rating. They employed a carbon-fibre blended woofer, cast mid and tweeters with a high-polymer super tweeter. The cabs feature a nice walnut veneer and 32mm ported design. The later 1977 HPM 150’s featured a few deviations such as a 15 3/4” woofer and omni-direction super tweeter design with differences in standard mid/tweeter part numbers.


For these networks the high pass resistors were all replaced with a Mundorf MOX type with an increase in handling capacity. All of the electrolytic including films were replaced with high-end Mundorf EVO-OIL metabolized polypropylene film capacitors and lastly the outgoing 0.1mH inductor to a Side-Winder 16G open air type inductors. 



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