Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dual 510 Plattenspieler

Dual 510 Plattenspieler

Here we've got a German Dual 510 Plattenspieler. This came in with one channel out and for some repair from a previous "shop"

Whats nice about a lot of the Dual TT's is its fairly straight forward replacing interconnects. I prefer a end soldered connection. Custom length double shielded+RF RCA cables with strain reliefs were used, very similar to a co-axial type construction, I just love these cables, I use them almost exclusively besides the audio-quest interconnects now, ie long grain alloy ;)

you can read a lot of positives on the 510 series, the heavier mass platter and standard medium weight arm allows for fairly universal use, adapting cartridge bodies is also much easier requiring only some TK24 surmount vs than say a 506 series where a adapter is required. Like the 506 it uses a very nice, reliable 8-pole AC motor  I do want to note belts are readily available from many reputable resellers, both timing too. 

Its been a while since I played my "In the court of the Crimson King" album, but I have to say, love it on the 510! 

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